Why are Americans having less sex?

Why are Americans having less sex?

Why are Americans having less sex?

It could be quite surprising why at this time and age where most people are more sexually liberated, research shows that Americans are actually having less sex. The radical changes brought about by technology has greatly influenced how people view sex, which has become such a casual thing.

Dating apps, going to bars, and the concept of casual sex are as popular as ever. Could they also have an effect to the statistics? A recent study just concluded that compared to last year, Americans are now having nine times less sex on the average.

The 15% drop of how often Americans have sex could be a little shocking for some, as the rise of teenage pregnancy and premarital sex has never stopped increasing. There is a wide range of factors we could look into to see why it happens.

Both men and women are now working.

  • Many centuries ago, the idea of a working woman is taboo. For the longest time, women have fought for gender equality. While there are still a lot of debate about the matter, it is highly evident that the time has turned that situation around. More and more women, including wives and mothers, have proven to be successful in their chosen careers. This results to lesser time to spend with their partners, eventually leading to less sex.
  • This also means more stressful lives to couples. Working all day is understandably tiring, making people need more sleep and rest than usual. No wonder, busy couples hardly find time to have sex anymore.

More and more women use contraceptives.

  • Because women are now more focused on their careers, most of them wait before having a baby. Birth control pills and other forms of contraceptives has become a norm. In the same way, such medications have also shown negative effects to a woman’s desire to have sex.
  • Women who do not use contraceptives can sometimes just refrain from having sex to achieve birth control. Both can naturally stop couples from having more time in the bedroom, thus the statistics.

Watching porn is also a factor.

  • It may not look like it, but the increasing number of Americans who watch porn videos could also be one of the culprits. Too much work and stress could be the reason why both men and women resort to watching porn instead of having sex.
  • Other studies show that watching porn also encourages unrealistic fantasies to people, resulting to them not having the same desire for the real thing. This could lead to couples having even lesser sex than they had before.

While sexy time for couples have seen a downward spiral over the years, there are couples who really go out of their way to not be part of those statistics and keep their love burning. It sure requires more effort to achieve, but that does not mean it is impossible.

Sex is not the only thing that matters in relationships, even marriage, but it is just as crucial as all the others. It allows us to connect to our partners and is a great way to find relaxation after a stressful day at work. The right mindset and attitude could be the way for us to solve this, and not be part of the sad statistic.

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